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Japan’s Blendy Will Be Available In India In A Month!


All you coffee lovers now have a reason to celebrate! Ajinomoto, Japan’s favourite brand of instant coffee comes to India this month, and they believe that they can rise to the top in the Indian market. India is Ajinomoto’s sixth market for instant coffee but the first overseas location for the brand.

We all know that Chennai has a long standing love affair with coffee, and the people of the city will not accept anything less than perfect. The brand believes that they will be able to deliver products that will help them to win over the trust of the customers.

Blendy from the brand will be sold at the stores from the middle of August. Priced at INR 10, this brand will have to compete with the other competitors in the Indian market. Since India has a wide audience for tea, Ajinomoto also plans to sell tea under the brand name.

Ajinomoto intends to expand its brand in five countries including Thailand and Vietnam.They will be spending an amount of 2.5 billion yen next year to build a factory in Myanmar, where they will start selling powered drinks.