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Judge Us All You Want But We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off This Unicorn Toast! #POLL


Okay, hold up, before you judge the living life out of us, listen to what we’ve got to say. The unicorn food trend may feel a little over the top at this point and you probably don’t want to look at another piece of food boasting a multitude of dreamy hues, but a Malaysian café is going to change your perspective with its pastel perfect unicorn toast, a.k.a. Unicorn Berry Toast.

The café, Haraju-Cube, does more than just smearing some pastel pantones across a piece of toasts and top it with all the shimmer ad shine in the world. This limited-edition Unicorn food actually lives up to the fantastical aura of a Unicorn by actually making their dish look like a unicorn complete with a mane and horn! Take a look.

See what we’re talking about? Wondering what this “toast” really entails? The café revealed that the Unicorn Berry toast is put together on a thick charcoal toast base, which is topped with marshmallow meringue, berry ice-cream, and an ice-cream cone that is finished off with a soft baby pink or baby blue cotton candy. Because, unicorn hair. The toast features only house made ingredients, except the noir bamboo charcoal toast and the waffle cone.

And no, you simply don’t eat the toast alone. The colorful food is best served with the café’s Magic-Potion, which is a mixed berry ice cream smoothie.

See, there’s a reason we’re harping on about this Unicorn palate pleaser! What do you think? Vote below.

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Feature Image: Mothership

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