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KFC Gifts Colonel Sanders Portrait To The Person Who Revealed Their Twitter Gag


A genius or might we say curious observer found out why exactly did KFC follow only 11 people from their twitter handle. If you do click on it the people that the handle is following then you’ll see five spice girls and five six people who have their first name as herb. That makes it six herbs and spices!

The Man Who Discovered The Gag

The person who discovered this has a twitter handle @edgette22 and by tweeting out this neat trick that KFC pulled off, he was handsomely rewarded. A portrait was gifted to him where he can be seen being carried by the late Colonel Sanders and he calls it a dream come true.


Food Beast reports that this painting was made by Wieden + Kennedy which is an ad agency who have previously worked on Old Spice commercials. Craving for a KFC treat after reading all this? Why not try their limited edition double down burger?

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