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Would you like a Beer? From which year?


“I’d like the 2011, Budweiser please”

Little birdie tells us that aged beer is the newest thing. Yes, not wine and fine dine alone anymore, but beer too. 

The latest craze in America’s craft brewery boom is barrel-aged brews—even just keeping beer in bottles and waiting a long time to drink them is gaining traction. But the concept of aging beer does not apply to every beer out there. So sometimes you could just end up with something that tastes like sewage. 

“There is a huge subculture of people in the beer industry with cellars who are squirreling away bottles, just like with wine, to keep for years,” Patrick Dawson, a beer writer and the author of Vintage Beer. 

So when the waiter brings over a bottle, ask him for an older one, maybe.