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How Do You Like Your Maggi? #POLL


Nestle India’s instant noodle brand, Maggi, may have had a rough patch last year, but it is well back up on its two feet. Catching up to ITC’s Sunfeast Yippee! noodle to regain it’s number 1 spot even (and the market rests in blissful balance)! The 2-minutes noodle has been a snacking staple in households throughout the globe for over two decades now. And we still cannot get over just how awesome the noodles are, despite them having been around for as long as we can remember! That said, over the course of its existence, not only have Maggi Noodles been released in a mad variety of flavours and variants but have also encountered a long list of home-cooked variations.

Yes, we are talking about all those experiments y’all do with Maggi in your free time. Right from adding extra water for some extra ‘soup’ to jazzing it up with veggies and scrambled eggs, we have been nothing short of creative. Which is why we want to know all about you Maggi Frankensteins! Which of these homemade Maggi variants do you like the most? Vote and let us know!

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