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Looking For The Best Mawa Cakes In Mumbai, Here’s The Place You Were Looking For


It’s 6:45 AM and I’m standing in a line with my friends. It’s not a line for boarding a bus or a train but it is to enter an octogenarian bakery. The pav-wallah fidgets with his bicycle stand and the bakery door creaks open just to let him enter along with the freshly baked bread. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the bakery opened to customers sharp at 7 AM.

The 84 Year Old Bakery

B.Merwan just outside the Grant Road station is a haven for mawa cake lovers or simply those for whom chai and bun maska have become a routine. The place has been selling the cakes for 84 years now and needless to say, know how to make the best ones each morning. Owned by K.M. Irani and his wife, D. K. Irani who both were equally passionate about baking and have passed it down to the next generation.

Imagine, eating delicious, freshly baked delight with a recipe that is over 80 years old, that is the love that B.Merwans has for its customers and vice versa. Speaking of food, you’ll find delicious cakes, cupcakes, puffs, pastries, patties, rolls, biscuits, tarts and much more. We indulged in mawa cakes of course plus we had Mawa Puffs which were delicious and lighter than air. We paired it with some tea, pav and piping hot plain omelettes. Yum!

The hearty breakfast may make you wait in a line but hey, all good things come with a little effort and all we can say is that it was totally worth it.

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