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Make Way For This New Healthy Japanese Rice Snack!


The market – and its consumers – right now is big on healthy snacking and foods that are higher on taste and nourishment than they are on the calorie charts. Joining this fleet of wholesome snacking options is ‘Kari Kari’, a premium rice-based health snack.

Kari Kari was launched on Monday as a joint venture between LT Foods Ltd, makers of Daawat and Royal brands of basmati rice and Japanese rice cracker maker Kameda Seika. With this launch, LT Foods joins the league of premium healthy snacks. A market that is growing exponentially.

Image: Livemint


About Kari Kari

“Rice-based backed snack is a new category that we are trying to create,” said Ashwani Arora, managing director and chief executive officer, LT Foods.

“This is a new brand that we have jointly created with our Japanese partner for the Indian market. The products are developed as per consumer preferences in terms of flavours and tastes. We have been looking at this market for the past three years,” Arora said in an interview to LiveMint.

The rice-based snack will be available in four flavors including Spice Mania, Salt Pepper, Wasabi and Chili Garlic in major cities including Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. It will be sold at INR 50 for a 70gm packet and at INR 99 for a 150gm packet. “We’ll spread across all big cities over the next few years through modern retail and standalone stores,” Arora added. Meanwhile, Kameda Seika may launch Kari Kari in other countries later.


Feature Image (representational image): SBS

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