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This Man Decided To Take A Bath In 1250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce


When it comes to bathing, people choose to take a dip in some pretty odd stuff. Some places offer sparkling wine baths while others allow you to take a swim in a pool of rose. A few months ago, one YouTube user filled an outdoor inflatable pool with some Coke and Mentos. Most recently, one YouTube user decided to (literally) hit things up a bit by filling his bath with Hot Sauce. Warning: there’s some serious pain ahead.

Bathing In 1250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce

CemreCandar, a YouTube user makes it his hobby to fill baths with things and dip himself in them. Two weeks ago, he poured 1250 bottles of Hot Sauce (he clarifies that “All hot sauces were about to expire so no money and hot sauce were wasted in this video”) into a bath. He then submerges himself in it:

As you can see, the pain takes about five seconds to kick in. And then, oh how it kicks in. Bizarrely, however, this guy even decides to nibble on a chilli through his agony. There’s no dearth of idiots in the world, we guess.

CremeCandar’s Other Exploits

Dipping himself into Hot Sauce is perhaps one of CremeCandar’s most infamous experiments. In the past, he’s taken a dip in 520 pounds of chocolate (with a whipped cream topping) and a bath of 1500 Oreos and 600 pounds of beer.

What a waste of delicious sweet treats is all we can say. The things people will do for YouTube hits…