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McDonald’s Brings Back Dollar Menu For Its US Outlets


After a bizarre incident of a woman robbing McDonald’s drive thru, here’s a seemingly better news from the fast food chain. To battle the fast food price war McDonald’s has decided to introduce a new menu with food items priced at $1, $2 and $3 early next year. According to reports by St.Louis Post Dispatch the fast food chain has taken the decision to compete with deals brought in by competitors like Yum Brands Inc.’s Taco Bell to Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc.

McDonald’s Dollar Menu

McDonald’s Corp had discontinued its popular Dollar Menu in 2013 after the franchisees saw that selling a food item like a cheeseburger for just one dollar set back the profits. Further reports say that after this the fast food chain had introduced a ‘Dollar Menu & More’ menu with higher price rates but it failed even after heavy marketing.

The dollar menu to be re-introduced next year are due to hit stores on 4th January and reports from McDonald’s say that it includes soft drinks and cheeseburgers be it any size for $1. It also includes small McCafe drinks and bacon McDoubles for $2 and Happy Meals and triple cheeseburgers for $3.

One of their competitors Taco Bell has 20 food items for $1 and Subway is offering a variety of six-inch subs for $2.99 each. Even Dunkin’ Donuts that was planning to change it’s name to simply “Dunkin’” earlier this year is now focusing on coming up with more value offers in the bid to win the pricing war. “They are really stuck in a value trap,” Goldin said. “There is going to be tremendous pressure to raise prices,” said Bob Goldin, partner and co-founder of food industry strategy firm Pentallect Inc. to St.Louis Post Dispatch.