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McDonald’s Brings Back Mac Jr and Grand Big Mac


After the much talked about dollar menu competition between fast food chains, McDonald’s has decided to bring back two of its popular burgers: Mac Jr. and Grand Big Mac, thus completing the trio of Big Mac. Unfortunately, it is only for a limited period reports Brand Eating.

Return Of The Mac Burgers

The report further says that the burgers have the same old combination of ingredients that includes beef, Big Mac special sauce, lettuce, American cheese, pickles and onions between sesame burger buns. The size and proportion however, differ.

The smallest, obvious from its name is the Mac Jr. and has one patty which has the same size as Grand Mac. This makes the patty in Mac Jr. bigger than the one in the Big Mac and the junior also lacks a middle bun. Comparing the burger sizes, the Grand Mac is reportedly wider than the Big Mac and boasts of two beef patties that together weigh one-third of a pound in their raw form.