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McDonald’s Japan Gets Festive: Unveils Their Halloween Witch Fries


Internationally, McDonald’s is constantly stepping up its fry fame. First was McDonald’s Singapore truffle fries. Then came Australia’s loaded fries – with either a guacamole and salsa combination, or a bacon and cheese option. The most outstanding of the lot has been McDonald’s Japan which has been on point with its french fry creations.

Back in January McDonald’s Japan started the whole drizzled fries craze with the introduction of Chocolate Fries. And last month, they launched Pumpkin Chocolate French Fries, featuring McDonald’s classic fries drizzled with pumpkin sauce and chocolate sauce. Now, they have a new holiday combination: The Halloween Witch Fries!

Halloween Witch Fries

Get Spooky This October With The Halloween Witch Fries

The new Halloween Witch fries are drizzled in a purple sauce that’s made out of purple sweet potatoes, drizzled with a chocolate sauce, making them both a lil’ sweet and a lil’ savory.

According to BrandEating, the Witch fries will be available at locations throughout Japan beginning October 19th through the end of the month. Unless you live in Japan, don’t get too attached as they won’t be available anywhere other than Japan for now. And what’s the damage, you ask Well, the fantastical fries cost 330 yen/$3.18 per order!