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All You Need To Know About Tanmay Bhat’s Keto Diet


If you follow Tanmay Bhat on Snapchat (@thetanmaybhat) or Instagram, you’d know that the stand-up comedian has been working hard to shed the kilos. And though the guy has been making news for all he “controversial” reasons, he has been an inspiration for many with his diet and workout.

Working with Fitness and Wellness Coach, Ranveer Allahbadia, Bhat lost almost 6lbs in a week! Tanmay has been following a diet low on carb and high in fat, also known as the Keto Diet. And the results are visible AF!

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Keeping Up With The Keto

Talking about his client’s diet, Allahbadia said: “So for a while now, this beast (Bhat) has been following a workout that involves heavy-ass powerlifting and a bit of cardio. But what’s really done wonders for him is the change in diet. By making just a few tweaks in his diet, he’s gone from being Mr.BigGuy to being Mr.StealYoGirl.

Tanmay swapped desserts, ice cream & Bingo Mad Angles for chicken breasts, lots of veggies and medium sized portions of complex carbs. He’s been following a detailed diet plan that i gave him. BUT twice a week, both of us make it a point to gorge on Joey’s Pizza and/or Frisbees burgers. THAT is correct dieting. You can’t maintain a long term diet plan unless you ENJOY yourself once in a while.”

The diet is said to be more effective in losing weight as it forces the body into ketosis, a process in which the body uses fat cells as an energy source instead of carbs.

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“Tanmay made a few tweaks to his diet, substituting the bad carbs from sugar-rich foods like pastries and ice-creams, with good carbs from foods like whole grains, veggies and nuts, along with plenty of protein-dense food like chicken and seafood”, reports The Health Orange.

Making sure that the diet is fully effective, Ranveer first followed the diet himself, before recommending it to the AIB comedian.With almost 100 kilos lost, the comedian has a long way to go!


To know more about this Ketogenic diet, watch this video seried by Ranveer Allahbadia.

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