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The New High Of Weed Infused Foods


As the legalization of cannabis is slowly increasing around the world, the plant has now found its way into our kitchens. Weed in an air-tight container, sitting next to the other ingredients on your table counter is becoming a common sight. Pot infused butters, oils, drinks and even desserts are great hit with regular stoners.

What does the future hold for weed infused foods? Think about weed twinkies, weed soaked gummy bears or bite sized pot sandwiches as your next party foods! It wouldn’t be surprising to see hash used in regular foods soon in the future and we can’t wait for them! Here are a few weed infused foods that top the stoner’s list.

1. Cannabutter


Weed infused butter is probably the easiest pot recipe there is. It uses only two ingredients but the outcome highly depends on the quality of the ingredients used.

2. Canna-Coconut Oil


Sautée some ground weed in coconut oil and sieve it to make some canna-coconut oil. This, once properly stored, can be used instead of coconut oil in your regular recipes.

3. Pot Smoothie


A fresh, tall glass of frothy smoothie is a delight any day but with a hint of coconut oil that was previously infused with marijuana would increase the flavor by several notches.

4. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Valentine's Day

Dip your strawberries in weed infused melted chocolate for a whole new level of sexy.

5. Pot Brownies


These gooey, fudgy pot brownies are surely your favourite kind of high. Switch your regular butter with canna-butter and you’ve got yourself some killer brownies.

6. Cream Of Cannabis Soup


This rich and creamy cannabis infused soup is a whole lot of fun!

7. Marijuana French Toast


This is another unanimous favourite of stoner dudes across the world. Just imagine waking up to this happy toast every morning.