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Now with this Sushi Snow Globe, You are going to be craving Sushi all the time.


Yes, they exist. Sushi Snow Globes. Buy one, place it at your desk, and stare at it longingly. If it’s the beginning of the month and you can afford it go ahead and enjoy a Japanese cuisine experience. But for those of us who can’t afford the expensive Japanese cuisine every month, we are content just looking at it, knowing it’s there.

Eri Nami has taken sushi obsession to another level when she decided to create these gorgeous looking snow globes. They come in different styles and you can pick according to your favourite sushi – sea urchin, salmon roe or tuna. They cost only about Rs 1057 ($17), which is how much a decent Japanese sushi meal would cost you. The difference is this one stays forever. Oh let’s just be clear, these aren’t made of real sushi, they just look like it. And they sparkle.

Check out her delightful creations here.


rsz_1sushi_snow_globe_1 rsz_sushi_snow_globe_2