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A Nutritionist Created The “World’s Healthiest Burger” With 50 Ingredients


We recently just spoke about what nutritionists in America consider healthy foods and now we’re reading about a nutritionist in the United Kingdom who created the world’s healthiest burger using 50 ingredients!

Libby Lemon, in London, has transformed one of the most indulgent meals into something that can also be considered healthy. Not only does it have 50 ingredients, it’s also meatless and is apparently good for hangovers. Like you need any other reason to eat this.


Called a ‘nutria-burger’ by Lemon, it’s made with a matcha gluten-free bun, the patty is made of beet, fermented soybeans, quinoa and mushrooms along with a whole slew of other ingredients like seaweed cider vinegar, hemp protein powder, activated almonds, white matcha tea powder. And fear not, you get to fries with this too! Lemon serves it with a side of purple and orange sweet potato fries.

UK residents, you stand a chance to win this nutria-burger and enjoy it at the Magpie and Stump thanks to a promotion by Groupon. And for those not in the UK, you can get the recipe and make it yourself, or make something of your own using healthy ingredients that you like.