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“Sushi Donut” Is A Thing and It Confuses Us A Lot


This year has been great for the growing food trends and nothing and no-one can take this away from us. Whether it’s rainbow food or sushi burgers or coconut ash ice cream, it’s taking over the world by storm. It first appears on Instagram, then people start making it at home flooding Instagram with more of the same thing and then finally you’ve got recipe videos on how to make it too! None of this is bad, it’s just a well-oiled machine and a well known routine. 

But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because of the Sushi Donut.

Before you get carried away, they’re not sweet, sugary donuts made with fish (no, that would be a little too much for anyone). This trend takes traditional sushi ingredients and simply shapes them in the form of donuts. And it was all started by Sam (@sobeautifullyraw), who made vegan sushi donuts, following a simple recipe as she posted with the picture: “Simply grease a donut mould with coconut oil, mould in cooled sushi rice and then gently remove by lifting the pan upside down. Decorated with black sesame, ginger, wasabi, cashew Mayo & avocado”.


A photo posted by SAM ☾ (@sobeautifullyraw) on


A photo posted by SAM ☾ (@sobeautifullyraw) on

But it’s become such a popular trend that even Whole Foods hopped onto the sushi donut train! Of course theirs includes salmon and tuna, but it’s still made in the shape of a donut and it’s deep fried on the outside, giving it everything you could ever want in a donut.

As is with every new food trend, other people are also trying it out at home. And we’ve got to say that they look gorgeous. So far, the trend hasn’t spread far and wide. Especially since there is already a trend of sushi designed to look like donuts. But this one is going to stick around, especially if every sushi donut looks as good as these.


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