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Oh Sweet Heavens: These Hawaiian Bananas Taste Exactly Like Ice Cream!


After discovering a type of seaweed that tastes like bacon, we now bring you a breed of bananas that naturally taste like – wait for it – ice cream! The ice cream banana, or the blue java banana is a naturally sweet, creamy banana that is found in Hawaii, South East Asia and Central America.

How To Identify Them

If you should find yourself in Hawaii and the name ice cream banana or blue java banana gets you nowhere, try asking for its scientific name; musa acuminata x balbisiania. You’ll be presented with a bunch of bananas that are either silvery blue (when unripe) or pale yellow when ripe. If you can’t identify them by their appearance then go ahead and take a bite; their melt in the mouth texture and decadently sweet flavour will clue you in right away.

Banana Frenzy

If you do pay a visit to Hawaii, we’d recommend you try as many banana varieties as you can; there are over 100 types of bananas to be found in the region, all with distinctive taste. Aside from the ice cream bananas, apple bananas and Mysore bananas (which taste like berries) sound particularly exciting.


As tempting as it is, don’t try to smuggle the bananas back home; they’ll probably rot in your suitcase as your plane flies over the ocean. However, you could try growing them at home!

If that’s successful then there’s a bounty of ways to eat your home grown ice cream bananas. Eat them plain, freeze them, mix them with berries; the sky’s the limit!