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Opinion: Crossushi Hybrid Foods Gone Haywire


In the continual effort to stay relevant (on social media, at least) chefs, and restaurants have come out with increasingly (dare I say) bizarre hybrid foods (you cannot convince me that anyone actually thought pasta biryani was a good idea).

The latest hybrid food to hit our screens is the crossushi (aka, the dish nobody asked for). This ‘California Croissant’ is thought up and served at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (I guarantee, Sherlock did not approve). According to The Daily Meal, the croissant is topped with sesame seeds and filled with smoked salmon, wasabi, pickled ginger, and nori seaweed with Kikkoman soy sauce served on the side.

A Twitter user, aptly replied with one word; barf.

Noah, reacted quite strongly to the news:

Eun Joo Han came out with some pretty killer ‘valid ideas’ which we’re sure white people will probably take unironically. Turduckenagi is definitely popping up in a hipster restaurant near you soon!

I think Rosemarie summed it up best:

If you thought 2018 would be a better year for food mashups, think again. When will we finally learn to accept that pairing food together like Jimmy Fallon does with his wheel of musical impressions, does not innovative food make?

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