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Pizza Hut To Deliver Alcohol Across The US Along With The Pizzas


After TGI Fridays began delivering alcohol with the food order, it’s time for more fast food chains like Pizza Hut to follow suit. Foodbeast reports that the latter began a delivery test on Tuesday and that the chain plans to start alcohol with food delivery across the US in the near future.

Pizza Hut Test Delivery

According to the news report, the delivery of alcohol by Pizza Hut has begun in Phoenix and the customers can order six packs of Budweiser, Bud Light, Shock Top, or Kilt Lifter. The delivery person will carry these bottles in a cooler to keep them chilled till it is delivered and there are no extra charges for this delivery either.

The chain serves alcohol at 1,726 of its stores across the globe and one-fifth of its stores in the US. This, the report says can help the pizza chain deliver directly and not having to rely on third-party vendors. Just like the Kilt Lifter being delivered in Phoenix currently, Pizza Hut also plans to add more local beers to its menu. Plus, they are also looking toward adding wine as well in January with the options of a single serve or even a full bottle.