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Posh Nosh and so much Wonder in a Jar


Don’t you just love those days when you get to dunk your fingers in and lick out that jar of chocolate, cream, mayo or caramel, so darn clean? We do too. And so does Aditi Mammen Gupta from Posh NoshWe caught up with her to find our about her ‘Jar of Hearts’. 

“After a Masters in Human Resources, at Birmingham, I came back and knew one thing and one thing alone. I didn’t want anything to do with Human Resources. And as it turned out, I also knew I wanted to do something with food. I was always a little too obsessed and passionate about food. the problem was, I didn’t really know what I wanted with food. One day, I realised we didn’t get sauces here that were affordable and free from preservatives. And lo, after a good one and a half years of research and testing, out came the final product that is ‘Posh Nosh Sauces’ today. I started supplying to local retailers like Amma Naana, Gourmei Market and Old Madras Baking company and people were saying nice things about it. So from February last year, I knew where my sauces were going. 

“We are looking at launching new products soon. My husband is allergic to Gluten and this gave me the idea to start some new products in that line. I haven’t got down to it yet and hopefully will soon. ” 

And about her Women’s Day message, she had to say, 

“Take my story. I haven’t been trained to be a chef or anything. I’ve realised that passion and drive are what take you forward. Kids don’t have their lives planned out at 18. I never did! It’s never too late to for passion. Ever. ” 

Order yourself a jar or a dozen. Call 988408 2295