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Recipe Kits Aren’t Just For the Lazy


They’re also for the busy and curious.

If you’ve never heard of a recipe kit, then you’re the kind of person who has found a system to your life and you can cook and look after yourself without a little assistance. They are currently all the rage in India. There are big brands now jumping on the bandwagon and there are also new companies that are stepping into the market, starting with recipe kits.

Despite what people think, recipe kits aren’t a trick to get people to stop from cooking. Recipe kits are helpful and they also, in a way, make people more curious about cooking and food in general. For those who have never cooked with specific ingredients before, you finally get to experiment and try out new things.

What is a recipe kit?

It’s a box filled with ingredients for a specific dish, with instructions on how to make it. They usually consist of fresh and natural ingredients, from vegetables, to sauces and even salt and pepper in some occasions. It’s a box of goodness just for you. Recipe kits come in the form of organic food, vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. All you have to do is order it online and it shows up at your door.

Why use a recipe kit?

If you’re a working individual and you barely have time to go shopping to make dinner for the evening, you can just order a recipe kit to office or home and then spend a few short minutes putting it together. Since they come with all the elements you’ll need, plus a recipe card, it takes very little effort from you, but still makes it tasty and cuts down on the stress for the day.


You can also be the host/hostess with the mostest by using a recipe kit by ordering a box that is perfect for a large group, which cuts down your time doing the shopping and organising when you’re hosting a party with more than three people. It’s not always going to be easy, but it definitely cuts down the amount of time you’ll spend getting everything together. Half the reason why people don’t cook and eat out is because they don’t have the time to do it. Recipe kits are here to save the day!

They are not just for the lazy

Lots of people, these days, have been talking about how recipe kits are only meant for those that are lazy and don’t have any interest in cooking. But the truth is that recipe kits are for the busy people and the people that want to eat and cook great food, but can’t find the time to go shopping.

The recipe kit comes with everything and all you have to do is put it together. It might not look like the picture on the website, but that’s because the chef is plating it differently and producing a dish that he or she has been making for a while. But the taste will be retained and you can enjoy it the way you wish to.

As someone who does enjoy cooking, but barely has time for it a recipe kit is definitely something that I consider a gift to our generation.  I can pick and choose from the dishes online and order the box, which will then be delivered to wherever I am within the day. The ingredients are fresh and put together in sealed packaging to keep it fresh till I get home. And while I’m still tired, I don’t have to do too much work, because everything is right there for me.