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Relish The Malvani Delights At Su Casa Mumbai


Set close to reclamation at Bandra, the air of Su Casa is different and the ambience inviting. The outdoors are even more pleasant, full of greens and fairy lights in the evening. The views are splendid and you can’t resist ordering a cocktail or two. Here’s our recent experience at the restaurant.

Malvani Food Festival At Su Casa

The coastal, traditional delicacies of Maharashtra are sumptuous and somehow seem tastier in the summers. The modern palate of Mumbai however needs a little contemporary and that’s exactly what Su Casa has managed to achieve in their limited edition Malvani menu! The dishes are more modern in nature and not at all fiery which is a good sign for those who like it less. We thoroughly enjoyed the food with a glass of bubbly before and sol kadi along with the meal.

The Food

We began by binging into the Stuffed Chillies which are a lovely take on Batata Vada. Bhavnagri chillies are stuffed with the quintessential potato stuffing one finds in the vada and then batter fried. This lovely change makes us want this on the streets of Mumbai alongside the vada pavs. Our second appetizer was Jewel Bag which was made using spring roll sheet and was crispy. The stuffing was of Paneer Bhurji and is best eaten with spicy mayo.

Moving on to the seafood delights, something Malvan is famous for, we tried the Beer Battered Calamari and Kolmi Masala. Nothing beats crispy calamari and same was the case here. Light, crispy and delicious, the calamari went beautifully with the mayo dip. The prawns were sumptuous too and the masalas spoke of the simple coastal preparations of the region.

For the mains we tried the Red Snapper wrapped in a banana leaf served with creamy coconut curry and rice. The flavours of the fish were bang on and we loved it! The fish itself was melt-in-the-mouth soft and so delicious. The curry went beautifully with the fish and we highly recommend you try this at Su Casa.

The second main was equally good which was the Lobster Curry served with butter sautéed millets. The lobster was cooked to perfection, such amazing flavours that we couldn’t help but finish it all. The dish was also served with the coconut curry we mentioned earlier but the lobster was in itself a spectacular dish.

No meal is complete without dessert and after Emotions on a Plate on women’s day we were waiting for Chef Anil to put up yet another fantastic treat. And he did! The Bitter Sweet Chocolate Slab is an amazing dessert. Soft, delicious chocolate slab was served with a delish caramel sauce, vanilla foam, fresh cranberries, chocolate mousse and cake. The whole medley on the plate was mopped up in no time. With that note we recommend that you do come down to Su Casa and try their awesome Malvani menu which is here to stay till the end of the month and don’t miss out on their wonderful desserts!

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