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Rosanna’s “Valentines-y” DIYs video is super easy and fun.


The easiest Valentine’s Day DIYs ever

Rosanna Pansino’s video is fun, colourful and it’s the one thing that’s going to save your life on Valentines‘. 

She’s got Valentine’s Pretzel Arrows, Pretzel Heart Bouquets and Colourful conversation cheesecake hearts in this one. Her instructions are easy and the first two don’t even require any baking. Most of the ingredients are available easily and she’s even got links to sites you can order them at.

Some people are a bit-sy-wit-sy upset at the way she talks and some aren’t. But hey, it’s Valentines’, so we can cute-talk all we want. 

The cheesecake conversation hearts are in adorable colours with personalised messages on top. 

I’d say, Valentines’ or not, make these yummy treats anyway.