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Sanjeev Kapoor Tells Us Why The Khichdi Was Chosen For The World Record


The recent accolades bestowed upon khichdi are not unknown to anyone. However, if you’ve been living under a rock, here’s a quick recap: this weekend, at World Food India 2017, 918 kilograms of khichdi – made under the supervision of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and tempered by yoga guru Baba Ramdev – made it to the Guinness World Records roster.

The food was also declared as the face of Indian cuisine and will further be promoted within the country and outside it in various ways. In a nutshell, the khichdi just went global.


The Chosen One

All that’s great but why, out of thousands of Indian dishes, was khichdi chosen to represent the country on a global level? Well, there is a simple reason behind it. In a recent interview with NDTV, Kapoor explained, “the combination of rice and dal is enjoyed in each and every state across India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Kapoor, who was also the brand ambassor of WFI’s ‘Food Street’, added that “the name could be different – it could be khichdi, it could be just Dal-Chawal, it could be Varan Bhaat, it could be Tehri or Pongal. It could even be Idli and Dosa, which uses the same combination of rice and lentils and only the form is different. We wanted to create a dish that unites India.” 

So kids, the next time you are served some khichdi, tehri, varan bhaat, or even the good ol’ dal chawal, remember that you’re indirectly feasting on a record making meal!


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