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Say Hello To Toshin, A New Artisanal Dessert Store in Chembur, Mumbai  


Hello Mumbai! We’ve got a little tit bit of information that may make you sit up straight at your desks and break out into a beaming smile; a new artisanal patisserie that will open its doors in Chembur tomorrow. The patisserie, Toshin is named after its creator, Toshin Shetty.
















Shetty perfected his culinary skills at the famed Le Cordon Bleu in London, and then traversed through the world, learning techniques and skills from various regions. Returning to Mumbai, he spearheaded the creation of Toshin, which is slated to be a dessert experience like no other. 












Using original and fresh ingredients, Toshin will create artisanal chocolates, ice creams and cakes that we’re sure will lead to a sublime tasting experience. Until very recently, similar ventures have only been in South Mumbai up till Bandra; we’re glad to see that the reach of artisanal desserts is expanding across Mumbai. Do you feel the chocolate pull towards Chembur? Perhaps we’ll see you there!