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Scootsy Riders Turn Book Fairies To Celebrate ​World Book Lovers Day


It’s World Book Lovers Day today and Mumbai’s favourite delivery and discovery app, Scootsy has a surprise for its customers. Order from Scootsy this week ​and be one of the lucky ones to get chosen by our book fairies to give you a special read from their finest selection of books.

Earlier this month, a group of Mumbaiites were hiding paperbacks around the city for bibliophiles to find, read and pass on.They’re part of an international project called ‘the book fairies’, which started in March and gained popularity after actor Emma Watson hid feminist books around New York City to celebrate International Women’s Day. With the hollywood actors involvement, Book Fairies became a global concept and has spread to 26 countries. 

Scootsy has always believed in delivering the best of Mumbai, and on the occasion of Book Lovers Day, the app in partnership with Bloomsbury India is all set to make its customers happy.

This week, Scootsy riders be actively surprising some of their customers with popular books by Lisa Hilton, Gayatri Jayaraman, Benet Brandreth, Judy Balan and many more.

So now, sit back and order for your favourite coffee/pastry from Scootsy and who knows who ​the book fairies will favour.