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Street Stalls Around CST Station in Mumbai That You Must Try


VT Station (or CST station as it is now known) host throngs of people every day hurrying here, hurrying there, hurrying everywhere. In all that rush, commuters very rarely have the time or inclination to sit down to a fully-fledged restaurant meal, which is probably why there are so many great street stalls around the station. Here are our favourites!

Aaram Milk Bar

Aaram Milk Bar is a popular destination for vada pavs; each day it churns out hundreds of vadas, wrapped in soft pavs and coated with a fiery garlic chutney.

St Xavier’s Sandwichwalla

Xavier ‘St Xavier’s Sandwichwalla’ is not actually the stall’s name. However, the vendor sets up his stall each day outside the side entrance to St Xavier’s College and each day enjoys business from hordes of college students. We love his chocolate sandwich and the Mysore masala sandwich!

Cannon Pav Bhaji  


Like Aaram Milk Bar is famous for its vada pavs, Cannon Pav Bhaji has long enjoyed the spotlight for their pav bhaji; the bhaji is perfectly spiced and topped off with a glorious dash of butter.


While Badshah has grown into a fully-fledged restaurant near Crawford market behind CST, it still has a takeout stall selling drinks and fast food. Badshah serves some mouth-watering faloodas in a variety of permutations and combinations.

Kebab Stall behind Gol Masjid


Each evening, an non descript stall pops up in the lane opposite Gold Masjid as you walk towards Marine Line Station. About ten minutes walk from VT station, the stall is well worth taking a detour; it sells some amazing, hot khiri kebabs at pocket friendly prices.