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SugarPlay Is The Latest Patisserie In Mumbai To Tease Your Sweet Tooth


Do you think sweet and savoury go together? Perhaps in one meal, but in one dessert? While traditionally, you may not pair the two, Sugar Play, a new patisserie in Mumbai is all set to change that perception.

SugarPlay’s Philosophy

According to the SugarPlay website, the patisserie is looking to “break away from the norm of what is the generally ‘acceptable’ dessert. It says: “We enjoy blurring the lines between savoury and sweet, and create pieces that are enjoyable and satiate your senses, just like great dessert should. Each piece of dessert is handmade fresh, daily at our quaint little kitchen by skilled artisans who completely love what they do.”

Sugar Play will place a focus on local ingredients, commenting that they “firmly believe that all ingredients, irrespective of their perceived value, have the potential to be stars in a dish if used intelligently.”

Meet The Team

SugarPlay is venture from Amit Mehta and Bharti Mehta. Amit, who is a Cordon Bleu London trained chef is Sugar Play’s executive chef. He has worked at some of the best F&B Operations around London, Mumbai and Singapore with a focus on creating quirky, visually appealing desserts.

Meanwhile, Bharti is the director of SugarPlay and has played an integral role in creating flavouring pairing bank for the patisserie. She also leads the marketing and customer relations for the venture.

The Sugar Play Menu

The Sugar Play menu features Signatures like ‘A Beautiful Mess (Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse, Coconut and Mustard), the ‘Original Sin’ (Tart with Belgian Dark Chocolate and Clove Ganache, Poppy Seeds and Sea Salt Caramel) and the Serendipity (Religieuse with Ginger Chocolate Creme and Olive Oil Custard) as well as macarons in Lime and Basil, Wine and Chocolate and Smoked Orange Flavours.

You’ll also be able to order dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate pralines and truffles and tea time loaves.

Sounds intriguing? Head over to Sugar Play’s website for more information.