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There’s A Brewery In California That Made Beer From Recycled Sewer Water


Just in case you thought there hadn’t been any weird news this week, we’re here to burst that bubble. Yes, it sounds unbelievably gross and is probably strange the more you think about it, but there is a brewery that’s making beer from recycled sewer water.

Stone Brewing in California is calling this “toilet to tap”.

Before you start worrying and freaking out, the Pale Ale called “Full Circle” is made treated and recycled sewer water from the Pure Water San Diego demonstration plant. This is part of the city’s environmentally friendly plan to make one-third of the wastewater drinkable by 2035.

According to Pat Tiernan, Stone Brewing’s COO, the recycled water is better than what they already use. Tiernan spoke with San Diego 6 and said, “This particular water will just help us not require so much natural water to come in and give us a more reliable source. So for us to be able to reuse, that’s part of our mantra, that’s part of what we do.”

“Among the pale ales that I’ve made, it’s probably in the top three,” brewer Steve Gonzalez said and then went on to explain that the beer has “some caramel notes, some tropical fruit notes” and is “a very clean-tasting beer.”

While Full Circle is not available to the public and was originally just brewed for the purpose of the event that was held earlier this month.