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There’s A Coffee Made In Cape Town That Has Triple The Amount of Caffeine As Starbucks


They call it “death wish coffee”, the world’s strongest coffee made by Black Insomnia Coffee. The South African brand claims that it is the world’s strongest coffee and honestly, we won’t be surprised if it is. After all, it has triple the amount of caffeine in your regular Starbucks order.

Made in Cape Town, the coffee has 702 milligrams of caffeine in every 12 ounce cup – which is approximately the size as a Tall Starbucks drink. In case you were wondering, the daily recommended amount of caffeine per person is about 400 milligrams – which basically two cups if you want to get technical.


If you visit Black Insomnia Coffee anywhere online, you’ll see that their mantra and the hashtag that accompanies everything they do is #sleepingischeating, so assume what you will about the coffee.

You can buy their coffee online whether it be in bag form or capsules. And the price ranges anywhere from $16 to $500 depending on what you want to get for yourself or the coffee addicted person in your life. And if you live in Cape Town, you can find the coffee at various coffee shops. And more than that, they also have something they call the #BlackNitro which is basically a cold brew version of the coffee.

And as PopSugar has reminded us, the most caffeinated Starbucks beverage has so much caffeine that it isn’t allowed to be served in a Venti, but imagine having so much more coffee than that at one sitting? That’s pretty much what it would be like to drink the Black Insomnia creation.

Pace yourself, it could be addictive.