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These Twin Brothers Juiced 130 Of The World’s Hottest Peppers And Drank Them As Shots


People do some pretty strange stuff when it comes to food challenges. We’re not talking about competitive eaters, who actually train their stomachs to digest immense amounts of strange food, but regular lay people like you and me, who decide to eat something crazy.

YouTube is flooded with people who down a bottle of ketchup, try the world’s hottest chilli or eat a whole bottle of mustard on video as a challenge. These twin brothers, however have taken it a step further from just eating one hot chilli. Instead, they juiced 130 of the world’s hottest peppers and drank them as shots. No jokes.











The world’s hottest pepper is agreeably the California Reaper, and the second hottest is the Trinidad Morugas. Just one of either can set your taste buds on a seemingly never ending fire, so most people try not to avoid consuming them plain. Instead, these character juiced 65 of each type and proceeded to down them. Watch the video below to see what happened. And please, please don’t try this at home.