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Top 10 Food Bloggers to Follow in Hyderabad


Here is the list of top food blogs across Hyderabad. This list does not stop with restaurants and street food places in Hyderabad, it also covers some authentic Food blogs. It is also to be mentioned that most of these food bloggers do not stop at web blogging, but also very much active in social microblogging sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. A perfectly curated list of Hyderabad’s top food bloggers!

1.Ammar Kanchwala

Ammar Kanchwala is an impressive professional edge, this Hyderabadi food blogger is an amazing storyteller and expresses his thoughts and experiences on various food journeys through his blog.


2.Sabyasachi Raychaudhuri

Sabyasachi is a passionate food enthusiast, a columnist at ‘Taste Trails’ in Indian Express, and a proud owner of the first restaurant review blog in Hyderabad Foodaholix. His love for food and travel has compelled him to visit every nook and corner of the city. Check out his fun-filled and information-rich foodie rides from streets to restaurants in his blog. This food connoisseur offers exclusive reviews of restaurants on popular food networks such as Zomato, Burrp, and Timescity.



PeekNCook has a massive collection of recipes that are submitted, rated and reviewed by people who are passionate about food.


4.Social Maharaj 

Food is not just about taste, It’s about the aroma and appearance. And a true Foodie keeps these in mind and go on a food trail. Come along with me and explore the various foodie destinations and dishes.


5.Sara Khan

Sara Khan to launch her own food blog in the year 2016 when she came up with Foodeez Junction – which is loaded with tempting recipes, product/restaurant reviews, interviews of top-notch chefs, and experiences with her love – food.


6.Blend with Spices

Blend with Spices blog has  simple, delicious and mostly Indian recipes. Blend with spices is a food blog where you can find authentic, innovative yet simple vegetarian dishes with step-by-step photos and videos.


7.Ashis Nayak and Neidhi Kumaar

Ashis Nayak and Neidhi Kumaar – They are popular in the world of food blogging as the Food Drifter Duo. Any question about food, restaurants, or travel – these two can answer you the best. Food fests, product reviews, restaurant reviews, and recipes – they cover it all. Neidhi describes herself as a globetrotter and caffeineaholic. She loves to travel and explore exotic cuisines from different parts of the world and elucidates everyone about the value of food.

Ashis can be called a food purist – as he not only loves food but also likes to be a part of every food-related discussion.


8.Hyderabadi Ruchulu

The Goal of Hyderabadi Ruchulu is to Shed Some Light on Hyderabadi Recipes, for those who always want to find out what makes Hyderabadi Food So Unique.


9.Pallab De

Pallab is passionate food blogger – who has been blogging for more than 12 years. He started his own blog Hyderabad Food Guy three years ago, where he shares his opinions and discoveries related to food. Pallab is an IFBA award winner and wants to showcase the true and vibrant colours of the Hyderabadi food scene through his blog.


10.Hyderabad Foodie

Hyderabad Foodie – An explorer of good food around. Belief : “Good Food always sets the mood!! We are a foodies group in hyderabad. Our slogan is never eat alone. we are a massive set of people we explore new restaurants try out different cuisines.


 Disclaimer: Please note that this list is indicative and non-exhaustive, and not based on any particular order.