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For The Two Things That Matter – The Women in Your Life and Food


In each phase of our lives we have had at least one woman making an impact. A woman has many roles to play in her life. She begins with being someone’s daughter then becomes a sister. She soon becomes someone’s wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and eventually a mother. And last of all she becomes a grandmother. Through all these phases she is constantly that friend with whom you share your stories, lean on her shoulder when you need a little support and most of all confide in her and trust her with all your heart and soul. Because somewhere along her journey, your life was impacted by the amazing person she is. Admit it; your best memories of food have included her too.

1. Daughter


She came into the world bawling her eyes out only to blossom into the wonderful person you are proud to call your ‘daughter’. For whose happiness you’d make her favourite food even if you didn’t like it as much, she grew up to learn to make the food you enjoy. Remember the first time you proudly said, “My daughter cooked today’s meal.”

2. Sister



She is your partner in crime. Elder sister or younger you know she will have your back and stand with you against the world for you. After all she is the one who would hide a bar of chocolate in her cupboard for you both to share when you were grounded. Remember the time when she cooked your favourite desserts and let you have the best bits?

3. Girl friend


Whether you choose to read this as ‘girlfriend’ or your ‘girl friend’, either way you know she is the one you call at 2 am in the morning because you can’t sleep. She is the one who’ll bring you food when you’re sick and away from home. She is the one who will probably get you a secret box full of your favourite food she prepared, so that you won’t have to share it with the others. Remember the time when she made chocolate cake and got you an extra big piece?

4. Wife


She cooks for you every day. She comes up with something new each day for each meal to keep you happy. It’s always what you like. She’s got your breakfast ready before you leave for work and she also has your lunch packed to take along. She cooks for your friends and colleagues when they drop by. She cooks for your family, your kids and every party that you plan. Remember the time she was on a fast for you while you ate your favourite food that she cooked?

5. Daughter-in-law


The first thing your daughter-in-law does in the kitchen is to cook a sweet dish for everyone. You have taught her how to cook food the way everyone in your family likes it. You have also learnt some mean modern cuisines that she knows how to cook. Remember the time when she cooked and had everyone finish every last bite on their plate?

6. Sister-in-law


She will get you out of every mess you are sure to land in. She will make sure you have food on a plate when you get back late. She will always have your favourite mithai prepared and saved for you whenever you want it. Remember the time when she made you badam milk because you were pulling an all nighter for your test or interview the next day?

7. Mother


Your mother was the one who made you food every day. She knew what you would ask for and had it ready even before you could ask for it. She stayed up all night while you studied just to make sure you had food ready. She sneaked in food to your room when you and your father were fighting. She made food for your friends when they all came over. Do you remember all those times you started to feel hungry and your mother would appear with a delicious platter of food?

8. Grandmother

rsz_011_10Grandmothers dote on their grandchildren. When your parents scolded you for eating too much, grandma would always stand up for you. All those summer vacations when you went to visit your grandmother and returned looking like a mini burger because she thought you had grown to skinny for your own good. Remember a day with your grandmother, when she constantly made your favourite soups, cookies, cakes and pickles and you licked the plate? 


This women’s day don’t forget to appreciate the women in your life. Do you have a memory to share?