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Use These Foods As Natural Headache Cures


Headaches are the absolute worst. They sneak up on you out of nowhere and can be single-handedly responsible for ruining your day, a previously fun date or a work report.

There’s a variety of reasons that headaches pop up – starting from hangovers to having had spent too much time staring at your computer to exhaustion. Headaches are caused by excessive strain to muscles and nerves in the brain, head and neck or by unusual chemical activity in the brain.

While most individuals tend to pop an aspirin, there are some natural ways you can deal with headaches as well. Here are some food remedies that should help ease the pain.

Watermelons and Citrus Fruits


Many experts agree that a major cause for headaches is dehydration. Fruits with high water content, such as melons and oranges can go a long way in helping the body replenish its water store. The fruits also contain important nutrients like magnesium that can help the healing process.

Salmon and Tuna


Vitamin B and folic acid, which fatty fish like tuna and salmon have plenty of are more weapons that will battle the cause of headaches.




Baked potatoes, or jacket potatoes should be your go to meal when a headache rears its head. Potatoes with their skin on carry large amounts of potassium which helps with dehydration.



Another reason that headaches are triggered is a lack of calcium in your system. Yogurt is a good source of calcium, as are other dairy products.



Caffeine, in small doses can go a long way in curing a headache. Sometimes, headaches are caused by the expansion of blood vessels. Caffeine causes blood vessels to contract, easing the strain on the head. However, stick with one cup; too much coffee can further aggravate the pain.

Whole Grain Carbs


Ditch white bread and rice and reach for some slices of whole grain bread or brown rice when you’re trying to ward off a headache. Since these products are made using unprocessed grains, energy from them is released more slowly into your body, helping it gradually energise and sustain itself to fight pain.

These foods can go a long way in helping the occasional pesky headaches. However, if you find yourself dealing with headaches every day, or for days on end, we suggest you pay a visit to your doctor who’ll be able to medically investigate the cause and help.