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Watch Mr.Egg Fall In Love In This Adorable Egg Story Short


Hello there! Stop what you’re doing right now and take a little break with us to watch something fun. We promise you it won’t take too long. If you’re a fan of eggs, or cartoons, or shorts, or love, this heart-warmer will spread a wide smile across your face…just because. Enjoy this cute little short with eggs that’s guaranteed to make you get all the feels, especially if you’re having a really lousy weekday. Don’t forget to share it with friends or someone else that you know who’s having a bad day. Spread the smiles with this one, they’ll thank you later!
Watch Mr.Egg’s little journey through love as he finds attraction, feels rejection, faces dejection, and then gets hit by realisation. Could this be you right now? Are you on a journey like Mr.Egg to find love? Allow us to suggest the perfect first step – find someone who loves to eat, just like you. Why? Well we’ve got a list of reasons for that right here. Now after you’ve taken the step to ask if you guys can go grab a meal together, we can help you dodge a few things during your date so it’s guaranteed to go smooth without you ending up feeling broken. It’s all right here. You can visit our website to find some great recommendations for places to eat around your city!