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What To Expect From Chrissy Teigen’s Upcoming Cookbook


Earlier this month we woke up to the news that former American model Chrissy Teigen will soon be releasing the sequel to her bestselling cookbook, Cravings. And we just cannot wait to lay our hands on a copy of Teigen’s recipe collection! But till that happens, here’s a quick peek into what the new book will carry.


On Thai Food & Motherhood

In a recent interview with Refinery29, Teigen revealed that her latest recipe book would carry a bunch of Thai recipes as well. For the uninitiated, the 32-year-old’s mother is of Thai descent. “I didn’t know if they’d be too weird for people, if the ingredients would be too tough, or if people wanted it to be really hearty American, so I was just really blown away by how much people liked the Thai recipes. So, mom is back, and she has given her most prized family Thai recipes, which are so simple, flavorful, and so loved in our household,” Teigen said.

Mother of 2-year-old Luna, Chrissy added that her daughter’s presence made the world of a difference to her work. “You definitely have to baby and love these recipes so you can be really proud of them at the end. But, I did find ways to be quicker because with having babies now, I look back and I’m like ‘I can’t believe I made people make their own tortilla chips, or use fresh ingredients when you can use dried and it’d be just as good.’ If there were places where we could make things easier for people’s busy schedules, we did that in this book. I really think we nailed it.”

To know more about what went into putting the cookbook together and deciding on a name for the collection, read the full interview here.

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