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Why Is Everyone Smearing Slabs Of Butter On Their Sushi?


Food Trends 101: Slap on a slab of butter and the food will be trending before you know it.

It’s true! Be it coffee, beer or sushi, butter seems to be the latest deal breakers in all their cases.



A restaurant in Osaka, Japan called Jinen has been serving its sushi topped with butter and the trend is fast catching on. People who have tried the sushi are ecstatic and claim that they could consume it everyday!

The Unagi Sushi is the traditional combination of vinegary rice, a grilled slice of fresh water eel (unagi) and a pat of butter held together with a strip of nori seaweed. The beauty of the preparation lies in the fact that the warmth of the freshly grilled eel somewhat melts the butter to give it a rich and creamy texture when you pop one in your mouth.


Oddly Nice

Although the sushi and butter combination doesn’t seem as pleasing to the ears as it seems to the palate, Rocket News 24 reports that, “while Japan is generally intrigued by the prospect of adding Japanese culinary influences to western cuisine, the country tends to be far less receptive to trying to spruce up traditional Japanese dishes with foreign flavors. Still, Jinen’s unagi butter sushi is a big hit with those who’ve tried it.”


Now that butter has been making it big across cuisines, what do you think could be the next big butter theory?

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