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Zomato says ‘Si Senor!’!


The 5th acquisition by the tech giant this year, Zomato, now enters the land of the Godfather.

Italian restaurant service Cibando is now part of Zomato’s thriving business. With this, Zomato is now a restaurant discovery guide in an impressive 21 countries.

[pullquote]Cibando is Italy’s leading restaurant search provider with over 82,000 restaurants and 7,000 reviews written by its own editors.[/pullquote]This provides Zomato with a perfect launch pad to compete with Yelp which is the only other major player in Italy. The amount and terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed, however Cibando’s team of 10 will be a part of Zomato’s team and will be at the forefront in expanding service in Italy.


Zomato has previously successfully acquired MenuMania in New Zealand, Lunchtime in Czech Republic and Obedovat in Slovakia, and Gastronauci in Poland and is aiming to launch in 15 more countries in 2015.