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Zurich Researcher Creates Edible Food Sensor To Keep Food Fresh


The current problem with the freshness of the food is that it might degrade during transportation and to maintain that is quite difficult. However, a researcher from Zurich named Giovanni Salvatore has created a bio-degradable and edible sensor to sort this problem.

How Does It Work

This saves time and energy and all you need to do is put some of these on a variety of foods like apples, fish, bananas, and so on. Put these food on a truck or boat and check the temperature of each of the food. It otherwise poses a difficulty to manually test food which requires to stay at a particular temperature but this sensor allows you to do that in a wireless manner and you can constantly keep a track.

What Is It Made Of

RFID tags can help track the food freshness too but those can’t be consumed and can even cause poisoning. The sensor made by Salvatore, however, is made up of magnesium which is anyways good for humans and the other components are silicon dioxide and nitride which are harmless.

There is also a compostable polymer which is made up of corn and potato starch which holds the sensor together. The sensor has a mere 16 micrometers of thickness. The work done by Salvatore and his team has been published in the journal – Advanced Functional Materials.