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13 Food Documentaries To Beef Up Your Knowledge About Food


What makes up the true food lover? It’s not someone who simply samples all kinds of food and comments on the flavours. It’s someone who also has an encyclopaedia full of food facts tucked away in their brain. It’s someone who knows about the history of a variety of foods inside out. Are you intimidated? Don’t worry, you don’t have to pull out those textbooks. Instead, watch these food documentaries to beef up your knowledge. Best enjoyed with a bowl of buttery popcorn, of course.

1) Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table follows premier chefs from around the world, understanding their inspirations, aspirations and culinary secrets. With beautiful visuals and a knowledgeable narration, this should be at the top of your list of ‘must watches.’

2) A Matter of Taste






Follow the story of Michelin chef Paul Liebrandt and his struggles to reach the top of the chef food chain.

3) Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro is the first chef to receive three Michelin stars for sushi. Japan has declared him as a national treasure. Get an insight into Jiro’s world of sushi by watching this documentary.

4) Sushi: The Global Catch

This is another must watch for sushi lovers. It explores how the demand for sushi world over has grown, and what this demand is doing to fishing practices.

5) Food Chains

Produced by Eva Longoria, this documentary takes a look at farm labourers in the USA, to help consumers understand more about where their food is coming from.

6) Food Inc

Here’s another documentary that takes a look at corporate farming practices. Warning: It’s a little disturbing.

7) The Future of Food

As genetic engineering becomes more and more popular, you should put this on your list to understand GMOs (genetically modified organisms) better.

8) Super Size Me







Morgan Spurlock challenged himself to eat food only from McDonalds over a thirty day period. Follow his physical and psychological transformation in this documentary.

9) FatHead

This is comedian Tom Naughton’s answer to Super Size Me; he claims he actually lost weight while only on a fast food diet.

10) Vegucated

Three carnivores go completely vegan for six weeks. Crazy? We thought so too.

11) Beer Wars

What happens when you pit craft beer against factory brewed beers? Beer Wars.

12) Somm







Follow four wine-obsessed people prepare for the Master Sommelier exam, the highest award in the world that can go to a sommelier.

13) A Year in Burgundy

Head to the wine regions in France to learn all about the beauty of the wine making process, from vineyards to wine cellars, to your table.