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6 Foods that You Crave For Your Different Moods


Do you find yourself reaching for an enormous tub of ice cream when you’ve been through a bad break up? Doesn’t a large packet of chips seem like the perfect snack while you’re studying for exams? Very often, our mood will dictate our cravings – as we’re strongly affected by the mood, our body and mind will look for ways to deal with it through food. Read on for some common mood and food relations.

1) Anger


Studies have shown that people tend to seek hard, crunchy food when they are angry. Instead of reaching for a packet of chips or French fries try eating an apple, an avocado and some blueberries. These fruits will replenish your blood sugar levels which will go a long way in calming you down. Or, try an oily fish like salmon which is rich with Omega-3 acids which will also keep you calm.

2) Depression


Our bodies tend to crave sugar when we’re sad, as it triggers pleasure receivers in our brain. So we find ourselves wading through a whole chocolate cake or a tub of ice cream. Instead stuff you face with handfuls of nuts which contain magnesium which boost serotonin (happy hormones) production.

3) Anxiety


Generally, stressed out people find themselves needing salty processed snacks like chips or biscuits. However, salty foods increase cortisol (also known as the stress hormone) in our body. Instead, try eating fruits from the vitamin C family such as oranges which have been found to reduce cortisol levels.

4) Exhaustion


We are a society of caffeine addicts. Many cannot get through their day without countless cups of coffee or tea. Why not try replacing your morning coffee with a hearty breakfast of eggs and cereal? It may just boost your energy levels more than your caffeine fix can.

5) Arousal


New love in your life? Maybe you find yourself craving some chocolate – it contains phenylethylamine which increases blood sugar and affects your pulse. Trade your chocolate bar up for a glass of wine which is guaranteed to get you in the mood and rich with antioxidants.

6) Happiness


We don’t just eat when we’re sad. In the company of good friends we find that we like to enjoy good hearty meals with extra portions of everything. While we don’t begrudge you your happiness switch the second helping of vanilla ice cream for a bowl of fruit salad. Your bathroom scale will thank you.