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7 Diet Fads That Are Too Ridiculous To Even Stomach


We’ve all announced that we’re going on a diet at some point or another. Whether its cutting down on desserts, or cutting gluten or carbohydrates completely out of our lives we go on diets because we think we’ll feel fitter, healthier and of course, slimmer after a couple of days. However, while it’s always a good idea to try and eat healthy, some diets, such as the ones that follow, are utterly ridiculous.

1) The Fletcher Diet


This diet was developed by Horace Fletcher, also known as the Great Masticator. He recommended that you chew your food at least 100 times or until it becomes liquid. The constant chewing would trick your body into thinking it’s full faster. Of course, following this diet may make you resemble a cow chewing on cud. And your jaws may begin to hurt.

2) Baby Food Diet


Even though celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Gywneth Paltrow have been rumored to follow this, we’d recommend that you don’t. As you may have guessed, it involves eating processed, pureed baby food. For one, you shouldn’t follow this diet because you have teeth that can actually chew whole food. Secondly, adults and babies need completely different nutrients; ten jars of baby food per day will in no way satisfy your dietary needs. 

3) Cabbage Soup Diet


This diet requires you to eat a bowl of cabbage soup. Make that ten bowls. In fact, if you’re on the cabbage soup diet you can look forward to your only meal option being cabbage soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Aside for the fact that most of us are not part of the Bucket family from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, cabbage alone will not fill all your dietary requirements. 

4) hCG Diet


Brace yourselves; this is disgusting. While surfing the net you may have seen ads for “the weight loss cure they don’t want you to know about.” That cure, also known as the hCG diet involves you injecting a pregnant woman’s urine into your system each day. Yeuch, no thank you.

5) Tapeworm Diet


Here’s another completely gross one. You swallow a tapeworm, which acts as a parasite and feeds off your body. When you want to get rid of it, you swallow a pill that will paralyze and starve the tapeworm. Once again, no thanks.

6) Cookie Diet


Let’s get into nicer topics. The cookie diet requires you to exist solely on cookies all day. No, not chocolate chip or fruit cookies. The cookies are made at a special laboratory using a formula by Dr. Siegal, and you have to buy them for an obscenely high price. This is a barely disguised money making scheme. 

7) Cotton Balls


Rumor has it that some models dip cotton balls into orange juice and eat them, to trick their body into thinking its food. Cotton balls are not for eating. Maybe they should change the warning on the packet from “keep away from young children” to “keep away from crazy dieters.”