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When The Country Drowned Their Maggi-Ban Sorrows in Some Hilarious (And Some Ridiculous) Puns


When the government banned Maggi, they not only took down the country’s most loved instant noodle but also the people’s favorite snack, the students’ midnight study buddy and almost every single workaholics staple meal. The country in a state of shock and misery resorted to the one and only outlet of their grief – social media. Right from WhatsApp, to Twitter, to Facebook the Maggi widows cried their hearts out. But soon the mourning turned in to laughter, and now the Internet is flooded with Maggi puns, jokes, videos and tweets. We’ve brought together some of the funniest – and some of the most ridiculous – ones that will surely crack you up.

When there was so much Lead in Maggi that it became a range of shading pencils.11355273_382397008615682_369470183_n 

Even the periodic table and chemistry students acknowledged the Lead in Maggi!maggi periodic


When IIN’s case wasn’t spared even in this tug of war!maggi and iin


The future sees ‘Maggi snorting’ in rave parties.Maggi will be drug in near future


When rumor had it that Baba Ramdev was all prepared for the Maggi row.

But this:Patanjali Maggi


 Is actually this: P-namkeen-biscuit-550x650

Photoshop Level: Patanjali


If memes are going viral, can the twitterati be far behind?

‘Lead’ing the market.


Forgot to carry a pencil to class?


Other noodles rejoice!


But Maggi is the best. Period.


Something good came out of Maggi.


Everybody’s “culinary skills” went haywire!


Disclaimer: We take absolutely no responsibility for this advice.


And then we had to see this.


And just when we thought we’d seen it all, TOI came up with its own set of crazy buzzwords:

Maggic Kingdom

Where cooking and haute cuisine are consigned to history in favour of a two-minute throw-down



What is required to believe a Swiss product confected by Julius Maggi is actually a Japanese original



Marketing wizards who actually got buyers to believe that the two-minute hit had nutritive value


Magginifying Glass

Device used to detect unsafe amounts of lead in the two-minute hit 


Noodle in the haystack

What they were looking for when they found the lead in the two-minute hit



The benevolence of regulatory agencies in India that slept on inspections for three decades


Maggi di Roti

What the North India did with the two-minute hit

maggi paratha


What South India did with the two-minute hit



Someone who thought that India’s hunger and malnutrition would be solved by noodles.


All jokes and puns apart, we love Maggi – even if we have to say ‘Meri Lead Wali Maggi’, we are all for it. And this last image just brought tears to our eyes. Like Monica and Rachel had said, “It’s like the end of an era!” We couldn’t agree more.

family-pic*holds back massive lump in throat*


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