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Disney World Has An Amazing Greenhouse That Grows Massive Fruits & Vegetables


If you’ve ever watched Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs then you’ll know that Flint basically created a machine that was literally the dream. Massive food that falls from the sky – what more could you ask for in life? However, since the technology probably doesn’t exist in reality, we’ve had to settle for the next best thing, a magical greenhouse in Disney World that grows massive fruits and vegetables.

If big produce is your thing, then you best not miss out on this attraction. You can find the greenhouse with its enormous fruits and vegetables inside of the Living Off The Land ride inside of Epcot. Once you finish the ride then you have the option of taking the tour and checking out the supersized produce!

Some of the attractions are the winter melons which can grow up to 100 pounds (yes, we’re talking about a melon). The reason the produce grows so large is because of the agricultural practices adopted by the team running the greenhouse.

According to Les Frey, horticulturalist and the Student Program Manager of Agricultural Sciences at Epcot, everything done is natural. “We provide an optimum growing environment for our plants which allows them to achieve their maximum potential,” he says.

“Essentially plants need five things to grow: support, water, aeration, nutrients, and sunlight,” Frey said. “By monitoring for pests and diseases, controlling the temperature, and providing nutrition to the plants as needed we are creating an optimum growing environment. This allows the plants to achieve their maximum potential.”

However, the greenhouse isn’t just an attraction, the produce grown there is fed to the animals in Animal Kingdom, and shipped off to restaurants in Disney World. So, you can literally see where and how the food you eat at Disney World is grown!

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