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Drink the night away at Rs.99 per drink at Tonic in Mumbai


We love fancy night clubs, but we don’t love the exorbitant bills that we’re presented with at the end of the night. Remembering the amount we paid for a couple of shots and a sharing plate can leave us with heads hurting long after the night is over. And that’s not just because of our hangovers

Luckily, this Friday night if you head over to Tonic bar at Mahalaxmi we guarantee you’ll have a fun night of dancing, boozing and eating without having to worry about the bill at the end. No, it won’t be free – but it’s close enough. For one night, which they’ve aptly called 99 Bar Night, Tonic will be serving alcohol starting at just Rs.99 per glass.

Included in the offer are vodka shooters, house wines, domestic whiskeys like Antiquity, Signature and Blender’s Pride, domestic rums and Foster’s draught beer. And if that’s not enough to get you high (with happiness of course), DJ Aditya Wanwari will be spicing up the dance floor with his pick of House and Bollywood music.

If you’re into Mumbai’s latest fad of weirdly plated drinks you can drink beer out of a bucket (order the Baltis), a cocktail out of a jar, or down ten shots out of a beer bottle. Before doing that you’d better line your stomach with their sweet potato fritters with wasabi mayonnaise and their sliders.
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022 43472505 / 022 43472508

When: Friday 29th May from 9pm onwards
Where: Tonic, Off  Dr Moses Road, Mahalaxmi