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Elisa Roche’s Bananas have us going Bananas!


This London-based journalist went somewhere where no banana-lover has gone before. She found these delicious fruits of energy to be more than just nutritionally savoured. She saw in them canvases and transformed the curved fruit into beautiful works of art.

elisa roche 1

While she was living on the Caribbean Island of Martinique for a year, she actually became obsessed with bananas. “The fruit there just tastes better,” she says. “I’d go through several a day.” It was recently that Roche’s inspiration hit her to use these fruits to draw on and use as settings for works of art.  “I draw whatever pops into my head using a black Biro and gel pens,” she says, adding that the shape of each banana is also a source of inspiration.

elisa roche 2

She does also relish the banana as once she is done with her masterpiece, she eats it. She does find however carthartic to throw away the painted peel away, and wishes there was technology to preserve her precious peels.

Follow her on her instagram account to view her beautiful banana paintings.