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Here’s The One Ingredient That Ina Garten Never Buys!


Yeah, it’s super surprising that a food and cooking expert would abstain from buying any food ingredient, but here we are. Ina Garten recently revealed in an interview with Time magazine that the one food that never makes it to her countertop is cilantro. That’s right, the innocent and almost harmless herb.

Garten said, “Cilantro. I just won’t go near it. And I’m not big on things with eyeballs. And foam,” she added, laying out her list of dislikes in the candid interview. But that wasn’t all; the Barefoot Contessa’s list of things-not-to-buy-from-the supermarket- does not end at cilantro. One thing in particular that she suggested we all refrain from picking at the grocery store is grated Parmesan.

Why, you may wonder. Though Garten didn’t explain her comment, Real Simple notes that a can of grated cheese often comes with cheese fillers like wood pulp. Moreover, companies use cellulose – a substance derived from wood pulp – as an anti-clumping additive. And also, I think all of us can agree that freshly grated cheese is a better choice ANY day!

Image: BuzzFeed

Garten went on to describe a few essential recipes that one needs to perfect in the kitchen: roast chicken and coffee. “You need to know how to make coffee,” she suggested. Well it’s safe to say that most of us are halfway there!

Speaking of going places, Ina Garten also admitted to liking airplane food. Yep, say what you may and crib however much you want, but the Barefoot Contessa likes her in-flight meals. “There’s always something that they serve, like the fruit and cheese platter, that’s perfectly fine. Delta has really good food in the business class, in my experience.”


Feature Image: Bon Appetit

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