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Katrina Kaif Gears Up For The Mumbai Marathon This Weekend


With the release of her latest movie, Fitoor’s trailer, Katrina Kaif has us all swooning. But her new release is not the only thing that has kept her busy. The fitness fanatic that she is, Kaif has found a new goal to achieve.

The actor will be seen running alongside 200 community members in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016 this weekend.


Maiden Run

Katrina said in an interview, “I have never run a marathon before but I’m looking forward to the experience.” Using the opportunity to support a good cause, Katrina added, “I am deeply inspired by the work done by the Swades Foundation. Their desire to create an India free from poverty is truly remarkable.”

Swades is the brainchild of Ronnie and Zarina Screwvala, the co-founders of UTV. Despite a frantic schedule, Kaif will run to show her support for the foundation’s dream of empowering 1 million lives every five years.

To prepare for her maiden marathon, Katrina has been training hard under expert supervision from celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, who let us in on the exercise and diet regime the diva has been following.kat-mos1_011416010822


Tailor Made Regime

Karachiwala has worked out a special routine for the actor giving special attention on Pilates as it complements a runner’s physique.

“I have designed a schedule for Katrina that combines her cardio workouts with ATS (Altitude Training System). We complement that with Pilates as it helps balance the body after the imbalances created by running.

“ATS gives you a feeling of training in the mountains up to 15,000 feet above sea level, as it boosts the oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Pilates also develops a strong core, which increases the efficiency of your run and gives you a better form while running.”kat-mos_011416010822

The star emphasizes on exercising her legs. “We train differently for the various looks each role demands. The curtsy lunge is her favourite exercise. Her routine includes a lot of functional training combined with Pilates and an hour of cardio every day.”

“Katrina works out every single day that she can. She is very committed to her training so naturally her strength and stamina has increased a lot over the 8 years that I have been training her. Right now she is at her fittest best.”


Diet Right

Speaking about Katrina’s diet, Yasmin said that the main focus of the star’s diet is glycogen as it keeps up the energy level.

“Speed, attentiveness and energy are the three key factors that help you ace a marathon. Therefore, I have planned her diet in a way that keeps her glycogen levels up. She has been following a nutrition-rich diet.”

Her breakfast consists of oats and nuts, followed by lunch, which is fish and veggies. Lastly, she ends her day with eggs and soup for dinner. To beat hunger pangs through the day and in between meals Katrina snacks on fruits, nuts, and some healthy vegan protein snacks.katrina kaif


Quick Tips

Yasmin Karachiwala gives you an insight on her little book of healthy secrets that one should follow if training for a race or marathon.

  • Rehydrate your body with water as soon as you wake up. Don’t wait until you’re parched since this is an indicator that you’re already dehydrated.
  • Stock up on carbohydrates a night before the run. This pumps up your glycogen levels, allowing you to improve your speed and energy.
  • Don’t wear anything new on D-Day. Stick to the accessories – especially shoes – that you have been training in and that you know won’t dwindle on the day of the event.
  • And finally, don’t start your run at a fast pace and give yourself time to warm up. Steadily increase your speed, ensuring you have the stamina to finish strong as well.


Source: India Today

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