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McDonald’s Has Designed A Limited Edition Milkshake STRAW That Will Be Available For One Day Next Week


McDonald’s is having a fantastic year. Starting off, they teased their American fans that they were going to be launching something awesome and magical on January 26th and ever since then, the fast food giant has been releasing one magical thing after the other and we’re so excited and jealous that it’s not available everywhere!

But forget all of that, in a Facebook Live Stream the company announced that they have been working and collaborating with aerospace and robotic engineering companies to completely change the straw. You know the plastic thing that is used to suck up their drinks? That straw. And they’re calling it “STRAW”.

STRAW stands for Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal. Released following the launch of their Shamrock Shake inspired drinks, the straw is perfect for thick milkshakes. The straw features a J-shaped design with well-placed holes that allow your milkshake to make its up to the top without any hassle.

The Chocolate Shamrock Shake, part of the new drinks menu, requires customers to mix the beverage together to get a proper combination of both the chocolate and mint flavour. But using the STRAW, you don’t have to really shake it up, you can still enjoy both without the hassle.

And in true McDonald’s style, they will be giving away 2,000 of the STRAW to fans in the US, if they visit participating McDonald’s locations on February 24th. The list is up here and remember it’s available on a first come, first serve basis!