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McDonald’s India Brings 10 Year Old Menu Prices Back On Its New App


Taking the 10 year challenge which has been a viral trend on social media, McDonald’s across  West and South India are offering prices which were on their menu 10 years back. The customers need to download their new app and show it on the counter to avail the discount. This is a limited time offer and is here only till 1st of February. According to an update by the brand, the app also offers customized offers based on the preference of the users

McDonalds’ Takes 10 Year Challenge

“As the 10 year challenge gained momentum, we at McDonald’s wanted to do something beyond just posting a picture or putting a post out on the social media. Over years, we have delivered unparalleled value to our customers. Through our own 10 year challenge, we wanted to provide our customers a unique value proposition and reinforce that while we have evolved over the last 10 years, we have not changed –  we still continue to deliver unparalleled value,” said Akshay Jatia, General Manger – Brand Extensions Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd speaking on the 10 year challenge.

He also spoke about the newly launched app and said, “We are committed to enhancing our digital capabilities and leveraging technology to deliver enhanced value and convenience to our customers. The new McDonald’s app, that lets our customers avail of a slew of attractive in-store offers at their fingertips, is a step in this direction.”

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